We have lift-off

cropped-dragon-logosmall.jpgJust a little post to say the site is up and running. This is going to be the new hub for all my creations. I still am working on parts of the sites such as the Shop – where you will be able to buy prints – but the Commission order page is open.
On this hub site you’ll be able to navigate various ‘worlds’ (pages that will provide links to content that fit the world name) to view my various works. Some of the pages will take you on to Adult content so use your own disgression – it is completely on you if you choose to see Adult content.
Anyway I hope this site will make it easier for people to find where I put my various works as I do not use the same nickname/blogname across all sites. Also I’ll probably put in some sort of gallery so that people who perhaps can’t view art on the sites I currently post to can see some of my portfolio other than my commission examples and what will be in the shop.
Note: I am currently using this site’s custom contact/order form for commission ordering. I may swap out for google forms depending on how things go.


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