WIP Wednesdays

Hey everyone,

I’m sure pretty much every artists has unfinished WIP lying around. Well I want to try to finish some of mine. I’d love some help choosing which one to work on though. So I’ve decided that I’d make a little vote system. I’ve selected some of my WIPs and given them a number. All you have to do is follow the link provided and fill in the number of the WIP you want to see worked on, in the form on that page and hit submit. I’ll count up the votes on the Wednesday and which ever one got the most votes I’ll work on. Next week (5th of September) will be the first time I’ll be doing this so you have till then to cast your votes. Then the votes reset for the next week. I’ll probably swap in and out WIPs from time to time and of course if I finish one post the finish piece.

Warning the WIPs currently shown have some mature content such as horror and sexual themes. They are not extreme but some might not be comfortable viewing said images. You have been warned:
Wednesday WIP list

~ Hugs and Happiness to you all.


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