WIP Wednesdays September 5th 2018

Okay so as it was the first time doing this there wasn’t many votes so I’m gonna give a shout out to everyone who voted.
Thanks first to KabieBaby and Remplex who both voted for the same piece which was number 2. Thank you also to DD and Denni24601 for voting. I should be putting up a video of my working on the piece to Youtube. Had a couple of problems with the recording but you should be able to see me doing some work on the piece. The piece is still unfinished at this moment but I’ll be uploading the progress so far. You can see it by following the link to the vote page. Will update that page if I manage to get more work done on it today.
Tomorrow morning I will update the vote list and voting will open again.

This piece shows the Goddess Kali. Warning for: blood, weapons, body parts and mild nutiy. Here is the link


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