Current Mission list update!

With my 3 chapter Ardyn x Ignis fic finished (read here on AO3) here is the revised mission list I’m trying to complete before 2019:

  1. Finish the rough page layouts for the rest of the Hetalia fan comic Fountain of Blood will be readable on Deviant art but may move it to other places.
  2. Work on other fanfics AO3
  3. Complete xmas Ravus x Ignis fic to be on AO3
  4. Work on some WIPs
  5. Work on style for the revamp of original comic Stake Your Claim (the revamped comic headed to start in 2019) – will be readable on Smackjeeves and once full chapters are up those chapters will be posted also to my Pixiv (where I am moving most my nsfw content too. You can read the original version of beginning of Stake Your Claim on Smackjeeves currently. I will not be taking it down just moving the pages to an extras folder.
  6. Start simply animated dream serise on Youtube
  7. Finish a TF2 themed secret santa gift

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