MerMay Dragons

So I decided for Mer-May I’d draw some Mer-dragons. Technically mer-dragons could just be subtypes of water dragons.

silly dragon 4 previewFor the first design I decided to go for something between an axolotal and a mantatay. I even gave it a little feeder dragon fish.

For the second design I went down the leafyseahorse route but added in some prayingmantis/mantisshrimp to make it more of a preditor that uses camo.silly dragon 5 previewBecome a paid patron to see the full resolution unwatermarked prints.

Sunny Con 2020 giveaway!

Sunny con giveaway pg1Sunny con giveaway pg2Sunny con giveaway pg3

Because Sunny Con 2020 is rolling over to 2021 I’ll be doing a series of giveaways over the 3 days of Sunny Con June 2020 which I was going to be attending as a seller.

Prizes may include: Prints, resin jewellery/art, other craft items, comics and commissions!

For your chance to win send an email to with the subject ‘Sunny Con Giveaway’ along with your name. If you win you will be asked if you are currently living in the UK this is to do with physical prizes.

Things to note: Physical prizes – please be aware that due to current events delivery will likely take longer than usually expected. If you are outside of the UK you are not eligible for physical prizes but each physical prize will be able to be exchanged for a predetermined digital prize option. If you live inside the UK and win a physical prize you will be given the choice between the physical prize or the digital alternative.

Entry cut off is the 26th of Jun 2020 at 9am UK time. You have from now until then to enter. It is one entry per person and if you win a prize you will be taken out of the pool of potential winners for later prizes. (Unless the number of participants is 15 or under, then I will simply randomise who gets what prize).

Prize draws will be recorded and those recordings uploaded each of the 3 days onto my youtube channel SOTDco. As well as winners being announced on other platforms. If you win you will be contacted via email to discuss your prize.

Regarding commissions over the 3 days. To get the discount on the select commissions all you have to do is book your commission slot at some point over the 3 days by sending me an email on the 26th, 27th, or 28th of June 2020.

Any commission request before or after those dates will not qualify for the discounts. The email must have the subject ‘2020 Sunny Commission’ along with the date on which you are sending the email. e.g. 2020 Sunny Commission 27 or 2020 Sunny Commission Saturday

The email must contain your name and which commissions you want. You are allowed up to 1 of each Commission on offer in a single booking. You can however make a separate booking each day! So if you wanted 3 of the same commission you’d simply have to send an email each day.

I am currently not putting a limit on the amount of commissions I will be taking over the weekend but people will be notified if there is going to be a delay in them receiving their commission if numbers are high. I will make myself available to commissioners and prize winners on Discord also. Those effected will be given details via email when the time comes.

Ts&Cs apply see here for information:


Black Red Returns


Black Red, the story of a girl who falls the wrong way when they fell from their quest for the Golden Star, was a lot about my feelings towards the end of my University course. I felt like I hadn’t done enough but also that when I made effort it wasn’t given the time of day. We were the first course of Illustration for Graphic Novels; the trial run. We didn’t have a room so sometimes the lecturers didn’t even realise I had come in and just found somewhere in the Uni to work. When we were given a room we were crammed in one in our final year with the children’s illustration students. Not that it was too much bother but by that point I was starting to feel totally done. Second year I was making some effort in making interesting sketch books but then my Lecturer goes and says to make my review/explinantion for each project only a paragraph long. Art is so subjective that writing about art is one good way to let others understand what you were going for even if it doesn’t end up being in an style etc that they can appreciate. So my sketchbooks 3rd year were rather lack luster. I mostly just did sketches upon sketchs of characters and just shoved them into binders. I also was doing a lot of digital work. Now they wanted a fair bit printed off but I was link ‘no this uni wastes enough damn paper!’ and it did no f-ing recyling on site… At a god damn art Uni. So much paper in the bin. Why should I print off more stuff just to have to chuck it. No if they gave a damn they could look at it on a disk or on my website. I felt rather let down by the end of it all for various reasons and I do blame myself partly for maybe spending too much time with things outside of my Uni-projects.
Of course I graduated okay with a 2:2 though most my points were from my dissertation which was about why we write about art. Anyway back to Black Red. I started it as a way to vent then kinda stopped either distracted or with not even enough motivation to work on it. I tried to pick it up again in 2013 but that also didn’t last long – other things on I suppose. Anyway been thinking back on those feelings – that have never fully gone away – that sense of lost time and feeling unable to achieve things. Doing that I’ve decided to finish Black Red. Perhaps in a slightly different way than I originally intended but the core ideas will still be there. This time I’m going to just rough out each page, ink them and post them all at once. Next time I update on Black Red it should be because it is finished. Maybe it will help me move on with my feelings.

Also just letting people know Patreons will be getting a special PDF version with extra character art and stuff not going to be posted elsewhere – outside of a physical release.

Sunny Con and the burning of data

So Sunny Con is over now. It was a hot weekend. O_O much melting was done and now in the spirit of said hell heat I have burnt the entrees to my Commission prize draw. The winners have been contacted and they’re entrees will be burnt soon but for now enjoy this video of flames consuming the other entrees. Of course no names etc are shown just a good old pile of paper rolls and a flaming cauldron:


I got an Instagram

So yeah I bit the bullet and got one. I’m a bit slow on the curve but hoping to get use to the platform. At least with my tablet I can upload stuff okay. All I gotta do is send over my art from my pc via bluetooth to my tablet and then from the tablet post the picks. Wish me luck.

Find me as: HimePastuch

Vote for a chance to win a free KH Print

With Sunny Con coming up I want to get an idea of how many of each of my new Kingdom Hearts themed prints to get printed. You can help me decide by participating in a vote. Below are the 5 sample images of the KH prints. Vote for the one you feel will be most popular. At the end of the vote those who voted for the print with the most votes will be put into a prize draw and a winner will be randomy selected. That winner will get a KH print of their choice sent to them for free!



How to vote: Fill in the form below.
Note: If you win you will be contacted by email and asked to supply an address for the print to be sent to you. Prints are 6by4 inches and you can only choose from the selection above. Finished prints do not have red lines, red text or the large dragon watermark.

Voting ends Monday 13th!!!