Cosplay and Crafts

Costumes, props, doll customisation and lots of other crafty things.

Costumes and Cosplay:
On Deviant Art – most of these photos have also been digitally edited.
On Tumblr – Cosplay (things tagged as my cosplay) and My custom Wedding Dress

My Etsy – currently empty while updating stock, will put up a link when back up and running.
Examples of my crafts posted to Tumblr – links coming soon

Customised dolls – still learning but here is where to find my custom doll stuff:
Ask Doll Prussia – this doll got its own little tumblr
Morgan – One of the first edits I attempted. Very basic attempt.
Merle – link coming soon another early edit.
Old Doll costume – this I made back in College as part of a seaside project. (link coming soon)


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