Mild Mature Art

The Art here is more mature than my PG stuff but not exactly explicit. Links to any mature stuff on my DA that wasn’t in PG will be here, including comics that are mature but safe enough to put on DA. Also none explict pages of comics that have more mature pages and explict images that have been cropped to a safer image (you’ll be able to find the full comics and images under X Rated Art on this site).

On Deviant Art:

Mature Art Folder

Fountain of Blood Comic – A Hetalia fan comic, contains blood, gore, canibalism. It is a dark comic so view at your own disgression.

Stake Your Claim safe pages – Androids wrestle but the winner has to fuck the looser. All the pages that just have fighting and bad language no full blown nudity or sex scenes. (removing from DA in 2019 getting a revamp on Tumblr and Smackjeeves)

Loot Sweepers safe pages – The Loot Sweepers are a TERA guild that get up to all sorts of mischief. safe pages of the Loot Sweepers comic and any other TERA online related art on my DA. (is on hold)

Mature Cropped tag tumblr – my art that I’ve cropped to be a safer image

Mildly Mature comics on Smack Jeeves:

Black Red – Sometimes live gets you down. Black Red is in a world of rainbows and happiness and is the only one who doesn’t belong. Black Red fell the wrong way and is trying desperatly to find the way back to the path of the Golden star. Will she make it or just make a mess. (Here because can get pretty violent sometimes but still pretty cartoony so mostly just incase)


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