Stories and Fanfics

A place to find various written works. Mostly my fanfics on AO3 but will be adding tasters of original books I am working on. Mostly using the rating system from AO3 to make it easier for people to find what they want to read. All warnings for fanfics can be read at the top of the linked page – I strongly advise reading the warnings and tags before committing to reading the whole fic.

General Audiences/ completely sfw:

Valentines – Yu x Yosuke fic; persona 4; Background Naoto x Kanji; Innocent fluffy piece with some sulky Yosuke – he thought he was going to have a bad valentines day. Using the teen rating mostly because of mild swears. (complete)

Ready to try – A Prukevents Secret Santa piece about Gilbert and Arthur meeting years after college (human AU). Mature because of dealing with mature themes. Also in this piece Gilbert is Asexual and Arthur is Trans as those were part of the prompts from the gift reciever. (complete)

Explicit Mature:
FF15 fics: As I have a lot of fics for this fandom I’m just including a link to the list of fics on AO3 that comes under this fandom. Many of the fics are Ignis centric.

FF7 fics:
Bloody Dealing – Vincent x Reno fic. Reno is a Turk and Vincent a former one. They are both haunted by the past but intend to keep moving forwards. However it seems that other people with regretts are acting strangely; resulting in a serise of murders and suicides that both men want to get to the bottom of. Will they be able to hold on to their personal rules when faced with the enemy and each other?

TF2 fics: Again starting to have a fair few of these so just linking to the list of my TF2 fics on AO3

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