X Rated Art

The Maturest Art I post. Links will take you to my NSFW tumblr sublog and my mature Smack Jeeves comics that are viewible in their full NSFW glory.

My NSFW art Tumblr – * this will be shutting down

And moving to Pixiv!!!

Strict Mature Comics Smack Jeeves:

The Loot Sweepers of TERA – Based on the MMO Tera and featuring characters created by the small guild ‘Loot Sweepers’, stories of adventure, romance, comedy and much much more await you. Warning!!! There will be adult content such as scenes of a sexual nature, violence, bad language and nudity. Also now featuring a ScreenShots folder full of content mostly from my partner in crime. (is on hold)

Stake Your Claim – Stake Your Claim takes place in a universe where Androids called Hunans exist. These Hunans can take great amounts of damage and are customisible. Each one has their own AI personiality created by uploading the mind of a human into them. Originally used for war these beings are very strong but programmed with a fail safe to stop them actually killing humans. They were used to over power people not kill them and to destroy none humans such as robots. Now the war is over a group of only Male Hunans are used in an underground wrestiling ring where the winner stakes their claim on the loser by sexual means. The Ero Wrestiling federation hopes you enjoy XD Warnings YAOI Adult content – Violence and sexual
(is getting revamped in 2019!!!)


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