Welcome to the shop front. Here you will find a list of items I have for sale.
Please NOTE: There is a large dragon watermark on the images for the items for sale. It will of course not be on the items themselves.

To order items simply email with the follow information:
Name: (Full name)
Email: (use the email you use with your paypal)
Item name(s) and quantity (of each): (e.g. No.20 x 1 = a sigle copy of item number 20)
Shipping Address: (the address you want to send the item to
Shipping Option: (UK 1st tracked, Internation tracked, or request cheaper option)

Or use the form at the bottom of the page!!!

And I’ll get right back to you with a paypal Invoice which will have a full breakdown of cost and the shipping price. If you have selected to ‘request cheaper option’ on your shipping I will give you a list of shipping options from the Royal Mail that your purchase is eligible for and ask you to choose one before sending out an invoice. Before paying you can also request to change your shipping option and you will get a revised Invoice.
Once the invoice is paid then the order is packaged and shipped within 3 business days. If you send your order email and I do not get back in touch within 48hrs feel free to contact me via Tumblr.

Before you buy: Royal Mail Shipping Prices, exampe shipping prices and check the T&Cs about purchases and shipping
For commissions please go to the commissions page instead.

Please Note that I am clearing out old stock so items with a * I will be unlikely to restock unless under high demand.

Art Prints – Prints that can be bought individually:

Art Print Sets – Each set has a list of what they include:

A4 print sets: (price £2)

  • *Set A (2 left) = Badou; Semi; Girl holding head; Set A mystery print


  • *Set B (3 left) = 3 different Buhu with Dusa prints; Set B mystery print
  • *Set C (3 left) = 2 different Albert prints; monster tears; Set C mystery print
  • *Set Dv1 (3 left) = Merle Morgan kiss; Merle Angel; Morgan; Set Dv1 mystery print
  • *Set Dv2 (2 left) = Merle; Merle Angel; Morgan; Set Dv2 mystery print
  • *Set Dv3 (3 left) = My apocalypse; Merle Angel; Morgan; Set Dv3 mystery print
  • *Set Ev1 (3 left) = 3 different bird of Hermes prints; Set Ev1 mystery print
  • *Set Ev2 (6 left) = 3 different bird of Hermes prints; set Ev2 mystery print
    (same 3 as above but a different mystery print)

7 by 5 print sets: (price £3 for 1 set or £5 for 2 set)

  • *7by5A (5 left) = Noah; Luke; Meric; My apocalypse
  • *7by5B (4 left) = Blade heart; Zandine; beast bridge; Dragon bones
  • *7by5C (2 left) = Yuri Petrov; Blue raptor; Resident Evil; Floating chars
  • *7by5D (7 left) = Eevee; Jigglypuff; nurse joy; officer jenny
  • *7by5ER1 (1 left) = Sentries; Humanoid Sentries Red; Monster kiss; Medic Red
  • *7by5EB1 (1 left) = Sentries; Humanoid Sentries Blue; Monster kiss; Medic Blue
  • *7by5ER2 (2 left) = Medic dog; Sentries; Humanoid Sentries Red; Medic Red
  • *7by5EB2 (2 left) = Medic dog; Sentries; Humanoid Sentries Blue; Medic Blue
  • *7by5EBR (2 left) = Humanoid Sentries Red and Blue; Medic Red and Blue


Keyrings: coming soon

Comics: coming soon

Other: coming soon

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