Terms and Conditions

Here you can find my terms and conditions. You the consumer agree to these terms and conditions when you purchase or make use of any of my work. Below that my policies regarding payments and shipping etc can be found.

Terms and Conditions:

By consuming/purchasing my works you the consumer agree to the following:

The displaying or use of my work

1)a) My works displayed are not to be reposted on any site without my express permission. Permission can be sought by contacting me.

b) Re-blogging is encouraged – so long as my captions aren’t removed – as is sharing links to my works. Share functions (e.g. sharing a DA piece to Tumblr using their share option) are allowable so long as the link isn’t removed or tampered with. However please check if the work has not been posted already on said site officially by myself, as I would prefer the original post to be re-blogged.

2)a) It is prohibited to purchase my works for resale, unless it has been agreed upon in a contract that also covers what the resold works will be charged at.

b) It is prohibited to use my works as promotional material unless previously agreed upon in a contractual agreement. It can not be used to advertise or promote yourself or your company unless previously agreed on. Promotional and Business rates vary from the Personal commission rate.

For example you can not buy a commission piece then resell it as a t-shirt design unless you ordered it as a t-shirt design commission.

*exception: The item with the commission printed/re-printed onto it is for your own personal use. e.g. Getting a hard copy of a digital print or having the image printed on t-shirt for yourself.
**If the whole commission was a gift for someone else then it is for their personal use – if they want hard copy/ T-shirt etc.

A contractual business agreement can be drawn up if you wish to commission me for business, resale or promotional work.

3) The reworking of my works into another work:

a) As inspiration; a reference; or copied free-hand or traced for a base for a different work. I would be grateful if my original work was mentioned if you have used it as the basis for your own work. Partly because I would love to share also the work that I have inspired others to do. I am not against this use of my works but would appreciate being mentioned.

*Exception: Exact copies – you do not have permission to copy my works exactly unless for your own personal practice. Such exact copies should not be published or used for resale.

b) Changes directly applied to the original piece such as the adding of extra effects, e.g. sparkles; altering colours; or distorting the image; altering the background/character; etc:
(i) If the work isn’t different enough from my original piece then don’t attempt to resale it – contact me if you are not sure if the altered piece is different enough.
If you simply want to post the piece to show off your edit/re-mix skills that is okay so long as there is a link to my original piece, make it clear in the title and comments that you have altered a prexisting work, and provide an explination of what changes you made to the piece. Also would love to be contacted so I can see the re-mixed work myself and so I can share links to the altered piece.
(ii) If it is distorted enough to be unrecognisable or used as part of a bigger whole in a way that is not easily recognisable that is acceptable. Again I would appreciate being linked back to as my piece being used as part of your project.

c) As part of a meme (*so long as it isn’t too offensive, e.g. racist) – go ahead. Please mention the original work though so people can find it.

4) It is prohibited to use my work or any derivative of it promote racist/extremist ideals.

5) The posting of commissioned works when I the creator have not posted said works online. You the purchaser of the commission can chose to post images of the commission so long as you provide links back to me in some way.
It is prohibited to purchase commissions with the intention of pretending they are your own works.

*Exception – if the character is yours you can say that the character is yours. If the work was a collaborative piece and you were one of the partial creators then you can reference yourself also as part of the creation team.

If you purchase commissions and then create works from them: refer to 3)

6) Special terms regarding the free backgrounds and prop pack available for download on my Deviant Art

a) While the backgrounds and props are meant to make scenes with the wedding commissions they can be used for other projects without change so long as I am credited as the creator of those aspects of the piece. E.g. You use one of the backgrounds and add in your own characters drawn by someone other than myself. All you’d have to do would credit me as the one who created the background.

b) They are not to be used for any works that would be sold unless they follow the Ts&Cs expressed in 3).

c) Also they can not be repackaged and sold. They are meant for free fun use.

7) Claiming the ownership of a work that I have created as your own is strictly prohibited. You can not claim you created works or helped create works if you did not do so. Exceptions:
If you created the character and commissioned or gave me permission to use said character you can claim ownership of the character and their design and restrict use of that character as you see fit. However you can not claim that you created the work portraying the character.

b) If the work was any form of collaboration you can claim your part of the creative process but not the bits you did not do. (e.g. you came up with the concept so you can tell people that but you can’t say you painted the finished work if you did not do so).

c) Regarding Fan-works I have created that are for sale. Of course character rights etc belong to the original creators of said shows/games/etc and I will stop sale of such works if requested to by the owners of said rights, should the content of my works be deemed not compliant to the restrictions on the sale of fan based works or has some how caused significant ‘Commercial harm’ to the rights holders.

8) Use of my Original Characters/worlds.
You can not claim ownership of OC/Worlds I create.
You can create fan art of said characters but it must be presented as fanart and a link back to me as the creator must be provided.
If the OC/World was a collaborative project you can claim joint ownership.
If the OC I created was based on an existing world I still own the rights to the character design but they would be considered a Fan OC. Because of this I will state the work they were based on. At least until I alter the character for an original world but even then I may state they were originally created as a Fan OC.
You can create Fan OC for worlds I create. You will hold rights to the design of the Fan OC but please make clear which work/world you have based your character on. At least until you alter your character to fit into a world of your own creation.

Interaction and information

1) The email provided for you to contact me is for business purposes and business related questions only. If you wish to contact me for personal chit-chat feel free to contact me on my tumblr or DA or AO3.

2) You agree to be polite. If you are offended by a piece of work then do not look at it.

3) Any personal information you share with me such as emails and addresses will be kept confidential and deleted 1 month after you have received the works you have purchased. Unless you request for the details to be kept for future purchases.

*Note: this includes any personal images sent for use as references for a commission


By agreeing to the Ts&Cs if there are any issues with a purchase or commission, you also agree to contact me first regarding any issues.

*Note: I can’t sort out an issue if you don’t tell me about it.

You will be given a time frame to expect your finished commission in. Once you agree to this time frame and have paid, you can not change your mind about the given time-frame.

*Note: if you just want to change when you want piece of work shipping to you – e.g. you will be out of the county and want to be back before the mail is sent – then simply let me know and I can hold your order.

**Please see Commission turnaround Polices for more information on time-frames. As certain commission may take longer than expected if there is a lot of back and forth between commissioner (you) and creator (me) – e.g. edits being made to rough before moving onto inking.



The Purchasing of works and Refunds

1)a) For pre-made works payment must be sent after you the buyer receive a paypal invoice and by the end date for the invoice otherwise works will not be shipped. For standard commissions payment must be received after commission request details are finalised and paypal invoice is received before any work will begin on said standard commissions.

b) For complex or expensive commissions (when not being purchased by or for a company) – e.g. multi-page comics – payment can be sent in instalments. Instalment amount and frequency will be arranged in custom contract agreements unique to each specialised request.
*Note – any commission type that is not listed on the commissions options page or form can be requested by getting in contact with me. This includes commissions for companies such as logos and design work.

2)Once the payment has been sent it will not be refunded once the items have been shipped or the commission completed.

*Exceptions – partially finished commissions can be negotiated.
If the items haven’t been shipped yet then you can receive a full refund so please check when I will be shipping items.
Returned pre-made works or hard copies of commissions – only the price of the works will be refunded not the shipping.

3)a) In some commission cases expect to receive several emails confirming the details of the commission or requesting extra information for the commission. The last of these will be a titled ‘this is the final confirmation’ and have the paypal invoice attached.
b) After completion of the commission you will receive an email with the final work(s) attached. Unless you have requested it be posted to a site for you to download.

c) If the commission is more complex or you wish to view more stages – e.g. commissions where I would show the rough to be agreed upon before moving onto line art – you will receive an email at each stage of the project. Please tell me if you want to see stages before I begin work on the commission.

*Note: Also note that the more back and forth means the more time the commission will take; see more in the time section. However if you have a specific vision then it might be the best option.

Time and Shipping

1)When I ship

a) When ordering pre-made work it will be shipped out on the soonest weekday after payment has been confirmed. Unless you have been told otherwise.

b) Hard copies of commissions will be shipped out likewise after the work on the commission has finished.
*Note: If I have to get the commission printed somewhere else and then sent to you I will give you more details as to when the work(s) will be shipped.

2) Pre-made works orders acceptance time

I will usually okay an order and send an email with the paypal invoice within 24hrs. That is unless a previous order moments before yours has claimed the last of a particular item. Then you will be contacted instead with information – such as if more of the item will be produced.

2) Commissions turnaround

a) When ordering multiple commissions remember that the time it will take to complete all of the commissions will increase. You will be given a time estimation when agreeing on the commission details.

b) I will not agree to a commission until I am sure I have the time to complete said commission.

*Note: if I do not confirm right away please wait up to a week before contacting me again.

c) With commissions where there are multiple stages being shown I will provide an estimated time for each part of the process. However the time will count from when the previous part has been okayed and is not just total time. For example: If a rough took 2hrs and inking took 5hrs I would not be expected to have finished the work on the same day if you the commissioner did not respond to the email about the rough for a week. I simply can not progress onto the Inking until the Rough has been okayed. Also if changes have to be made to the rough that will add onto the time.
Please bear this all in mind. I will do my best to complete pieces promptly but I can not time travel.

d) Time of turnaround starts once I have confirmed I have received payment not when I first receive your email or order form.

3) What shipment methods
First class post and tracking will be used whenever possible and as I am based in the UK I will be using the delivery options through the Royal Mail. Also I will be pricing my shipping accordingly. You can request a cheaper shipping option in the details of an order form or email but remember this means it will take longer.

4) International
International orders will take longer and often require a confirmation signature upon arrival at the buyer’s residence. Unless you wish to opt for a cheaper shipping option but then you aren’t as well covered. Still this can be requested in the details section of order forms or emails.

5) Lost or damaged mail
a) Replacements can be sent out if the works do not arrive after a reasonable amount of time after the date it should have arrived. The replacement will be sent out for free in most cases. If that replacement then somehow becomes lost too then you can chose to be refunded as if it were a return.
b) If the item is damaged to the extent that a replacement seems necessary a free replacement can be sent out in most cases. If that replacement then somehow becomes lost too then you can chose to be refunded as if it were a return.

*Note if the lost or damaged items are original traditional pieces these will be harder to replace as I would have to redo the entire work and it may come out slightly differently. Wherever possible I will digitally record the work in some way so that I have a better chance of reproducing it should the worst happen.

6) I strongly advise paying for tracking as it can really give piece of mind. However it is your choice. If you are just purchasing prints then is perhaps not required but maybe consider it if you are ordering something like an original traditional art piece.

7) How will I package items
I always try to package the works I sell with care. For prints this can be in a plastic sleeve, with a piece of card and packaged inside an envelope. For more delicate works bubble-wrap or a padded envelope will be used.

8) Illness, injury or unforeseen circumstances (e.g. My graphics tablet broke)
If something is going to delay or prevent me from completing commissions or posting orders, you will be contacted with details. Wherever possible you will be given an expected time for things to go back to normal. If the time is too excessive for you to wait out, you will be refunded as per my refund policies. If you choose to be refunded but would still like to know when things will return to normal let me know.
*Note: if the unforeseen circumstances are so bad that I can not even inform another person to contact you to refund you then I am very sorry. I will do my best to leave instructions for my family to follow so hopefully no matter what happens someone should be able to get in touch.


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