WIPs for WIP Wednesday

So here are some Old WIPs in need of some love. To vote for which one you want me to work on the coming Wednesday fill in the form at the bottom. You don’t have to supply a name but if you do and the WIP you voted for gets chosen there will be a shout out in the WIP Wednesday post.

Okay there were 2 votes last time on two different pics so I have done a little work on both. I have also over the week done more continued work on the WIP from the first week:

As you can see Kali is almost finished; I added in the Spy on WIP 1 and started doing more detailed framework and base colours for the smiling form of WIP 2.

Shout out to Remplex for voting for WIP 1 and Moo for voting on WIP 2

Voting is open again here are the WIPs to vote on for week 4:




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